CBD Ciledug – Market Repositioning

Client : CBD Ciledug Mall (PT. SIL)

Year : 2014

In addition to the market study of retail centres in the surrounding area, RES did a primary survey, involving various methods from questionnaires, pedestrian flow counting, to path following.


  • Uneven traffic flow in Mall 1 and Mall 2
  • Too many vertical traffic movements in Mall 2
  • Problems with strata-title units, mainly in Mall 1
  • Bad visibility for visitors and Lack of tenant enforcements
  • Problems with air conditioning & engineering department
  • Better rental rate potentials if the mall could reposition itself (also with help of renovation works)


  • Increase horizontal movements inside the mall
    • Mall 1 needs a retail magnet (an effective anchor)
  • Improvement of Tenancy mix
  • Expanding Target market
    • The Cinema has proven that the mall could attract visitors from higher segment. Need support from other suitable tenants.
    • Higher segment visitors spend more during their visit
    • The planned mall extension could cater for this higher segment
  • Improvement on the retail corridors
  • Enforcements to tenants. Ensuring enjoyable shopping experience for visitors
  • Increase seatings to allow increase the time people spent in the mall

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